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Do you want to know what it’s like to have your own windshield repair business? Are you a technician who needs ideas on how to get more customers? The windshield repair forum is the place to have all of your questions answered. is the world's most popular online windshield repair community. Windshield repair technicians from around the world meet on the windshield repair forum to share ideas and valuable information. The forum is open to all users who agree to follow forum guidelines. If you have a question about windshield repair, the windshield repair forum is the place to go. is also home to a very popular headlight restoration forum, an auto glass replacement forum, a paintless dent repair forum, and several other forums in case you have questions about any of those services. is hosted and moderated by Delta Kits, so you won't find any inappropriate language. You'll find windshield repair technicians with a passion for sharing their knowledge.

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