Almost Done … Get Your Listing Approved

The is FREE but we need to be sure you’ll tell your friends about our site. The best way is to link to our Delta Kits website, or mention us on Facebook, TikTok or any other social media. Since you guys are our partners, we don’t mind helping you promote your business in return. Thank you!

STEP #1: Mention Delta Kits on the web.

Here are a few options to mention Delta Kits on your website:

Option A)

If you’re a Delta Kits windshield repair training certified tech, add the seal to your website and link it to



Mention that you use Delta Kits professional windshield repair kits or resin on your website and link to products on our website that you use. Example: For systems, please link to




If you don’t have a website, you could also mention on your Facebook that you use only highest quality windshield repair resin. For example, you could post the following video on your Facebook business profile.

STEP #2: Email us at

Email us with your website or social profile link and we’ll get your listing approved!

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