For perfect vision: Glass Repair or Replace from Autoshields Autoshields is BMW and MINI Cooper factory trained windshield specialist. Even when it’s minor, damage to your Vehicle’s windshield, Is more than just a distraction? Damage from road debris Can reduce the integrity of your windshield, impair your Vision and jeopardize your safety.us You can rely on your Autoshields center & mobile service For immediate help. With Glass Repair from Autoshields, we use the high quality Materials and tools you’ve come to expect. And your vehicle is Usually ready within the hour. A significant portion of all windshield damage is repairable. Your service technician will inspect your windshield and Determine whether Glass Repair is viable option. For more information or to schedule a Glass Repair or Replacement appointment, contact us and see us @ windshieldreferral.com and @ Facebook pages Autoshields



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