Fix-A-Crack™Windshield Repair & Replacement provides glass replacement and repair in accordance with (ROLAGS) Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standards we have been trained in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that pertain to the replacement of auto glass and ANSI/AGRSS Replacement Standards. We offer custom glass solutions to meet fleet needs. On Site Services are offered. We offer Valley Wide Service and Service within McAllen for Windshield Repair and Replacement ASAP. We are fully insured for your safety and ours! We are not the least expensive option in The Rio Grande Valley that is not our goal. So, if you are shopping (price only) please mention that because that type of customer is not our market. Reason: As a customer you are worth more than dollar bills to us. Your life and the welfare of your family matter. 80% of your vehicle’s weight is supported by a proper windshield installation in a rollover accident. That is worth more than the cheapest price can offer.



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