It suddenly appears out of nowhere, and at the very last moment, you attempt to avoid it but to no avail. The driver’s tire in front of you has thrown a stone or rock at your windshield, resulting in a cracked windshield. While the damage caused to your windshield is only like a star or less than the size of a quarter, it is not wise to ignore the crack. The damage can extend and crack out at any time, possibly leading to tragic results. When you fix your auto’s windshield, you eliminate the dangers of replacement. In the event that the vehicle is involved in an auto accident, the windshield will perform as designed. Your car, suv, or truck’s appearance will be improved, as most repairs should be, next to invisible. Having a damaged car, windshield, or window is an unexpected and unwelcomed event. However, you’ve now come to the right place for a quality repair. At New York Auto Glass, our services include the following: * Free Mobile Service * Free Instant Quotes * Glass Repair and Replacement * Lifetime Warranty On Leaks * 24/7 Emergency Service We Welcome All Foreign, Domestic, and European Makes and Models



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